the bowie gallery in Totnes takes pride in showing an eclectic mix of contemporary art. In the last year we have enjoyed showing original pieces of furniture which we feel are fun, often fantastic value, and a great example of witty / vintage upcycling.

The Brexit chair - gallerist Annie Bowie and MP Sarah Wollaston when she accepted the Brexit chair which she is taking to Westminster.
Baby egg chair (vintage ‘70s) upholstered in English wool £275 (available)
Set of four mid- century chairs in designer maker fabric MICROBIA Set of four £1,850 (available)
The india chair designed and built by Lorraine Osborne £950 (available)
The bird symphony chair, Victorian short chaise *SOLD
The 1967 chair with cushion *SOLD
LOVE ME TENDER unique bespoke sofa, upholstered in grey velvet with Elvis homage cushion *SOLD
Pair metal-framed powder-coated upholstered chairs £350 pair by Rowan Strugnell (available)
The Confessional – hand built chaise longue, by Lorraine Osborne. Specially created for a gallery exhibition CONFESS! Chaise 5’5” with engraved aluminium legs.
UNIQUE £3,000 (available)
(Dice pouffe SOLD)
Oak occasional chair, dogtooth check and English wool by Rowan Strugnell £175 (available)
Desk Chair with lumbar bolster in cotton drill by Lorraine Osborne *SOLD
RECLINER, Lorraine Osborne *SOLD
The Circuit Board chair by Lorraine Osborne *SOLD
DOUBLE HELIX – by Lorraine Osborne. Pair of mid-century fireside chairs upholstered in a fabric made exclusively for them. These chairs commemorate Rosalind Franklin who first saw the double helix that revolutionised our understanding of DNA. Set includes two complementary cushions * SOLD
Checkout chairs – Pair of mid-century chairs, upholstered by Lorraine Osborne in Kirkby design. Wooden frame oainted black and waxed * SOLD
TEST CARD CHAIR by Lorraine Osborne * SOLD
The Animalia Chair by Lorraine Osborne. Re-modelled firesaide chair, upholstered in Clarke and Clarke design * SOLD
Gecko sofa - designed and built by Lorraine Osborne. Upholstered in Barefoot fabric from Sri lanka, including bolster cushion * SOLD
Pair of Eye Test chairs * SOLD
THE BLEAT SEAT by Rowan Berry Designs * SOLD
THE BLACK BEAR '70s "egg chair" completely remodelled by Lorraine Osborne and upholstered in mohair. * SOLD
ZIG ZAG egg chair. * SOLD
SQUIGGLE Original ‘70s “egg chair” re-imagined and rebuilt by Lorraine Osborne for arseart!. * SOLD
LIQUORICE Original ‘70s “egg chair” re-imagined and rebuilt by Lorraine Osborne for arseart!. * SOLD
GERTIE GIRAFFE chair by Kate Watson. Fabulous comfy armchair, with rocking springs * SOLD
Pretty in Pink, upholstered child’s chair – a darling! - £225 ( Rowan Strugnell) * SOLD
Fabulous stool in Designers’ Guild fabric (Rowan Strugnell) * SOLD
Victorian chair, traditionally upholstered, Turquoise felt and Patterned 80’s 90’s vintage fabric £895 (Rowan Strugnell) * SOLD
“chameleon” sofa by Lorraine Osborne * SOLD
“elephant” chair by Lorraine Osborne * SOLD
NEW YORK NEW YORK! Victorian nursery chair re-imagined * SOLD
Victorian balloon back beautifully reinvented by Lucy Longman using wool felt. * SOLD
The Mongolian - vintage '70s Parker Knoll "egg chair" completely rebuilt and reimagined by Lorraine Osborne. Unique. * SOLD
* SOLD '60's cutie, wool,new powder coating and vintage French fabric by Rowan Strugnell £125
* SOLD Fruity Tootie by Lorraine Osborne (fabric design by John Bergman)
* SOLD "Catch of the Day" fabric £165
Edwardian Scroll armchair in Hopsack fabric by Lorraine Osborne * SOLD
Little Dickie Bird, Victorian “conversation” sofa, by Lorraine Osborne. Fabric by Timorous Beastie * SOLD
* SOLD 60s chic £155
* SOLD 70s original Parker Knoll "egg chair" upholstered in fabulous butterfly fabric. £1200
* SOLD Boudoir Sofa in Linen and velvet by Lorraine Osborne
* SOLD Pretty Victorian chair with sweet contemporary fabric
* SOLD Pair of Rosewood chairs circa 1830 with Prince of Wales feathers emblem. Re upholstered in ‘50’s fabric
* SOLD Pretty mahogany and inlaid chair with contemporary fabric
* SOLD Sitting on Top of the World
* SOLD Gilbert Giraffe chair, by Kate Watson. This handsome mid C20th armchair was once in the library chair of Sir Arthur Driver, who was president of The Law Society, 1961-62
* SOLD Set of four Danish Ladderback chairs 1975, upholstered in English Wool by Rowan Strugnell £850
* SOLD Elephant chair, upholstered by Gina Carter for arseart. £310
* SOLD Bentwood Back Eastern European 1960’s chair by Rowan Strugnell £225
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